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Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved

Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved

China Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved supplier
Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved supplier Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved supplier Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved supplier Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved supplier

Large Image :  Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: CE,ISO9001
Model Number: CHT65

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1SET
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 60 working days
Supply Ability: 5sets/month
Detailed Product Description
Name: LFT Extrusion Model: CHT65 Extruder
Application: PA,PP,PET, Glass Fiber, Carbon Fiber Output: 400kg/hr
Total Power: 190kw Final Product: LFRT Granules
High Light:

plastic extruder machinery


lft pellet production line

LFT-D Extrusion line for PA,PP, glass fiber and Glass Fiber with output 400kg/hr


General Introduction of LFT


Long-fiberReinforce Thermoplastic(LFRT), the length of the fiber glass is bigger than 3mm, while the commercialized LFRT is normally 6-25mm.

The modulus of long fiber reinforcement is double than that of short fiber reinforcement, while impact tension is four times, can keep its function without any change under the temperature of minus 30℃

The excellent properties are as following:

  • Non-orientation gridding structure enables it can keep the original property even in high/low temperature and high frequency environment.
  • Excellent anti-impact,high modulus,high strength, low bulkling and similar thermo expansion factor with metal.
  • Low shrinkage,low creep deformation, high dimension stability.
  • High anti-wear and endurance
  • Excellent anti-chemical
  • Excellent surface rating
  • Excellent processing, high flow, easy demould,low damage to screw


We always focusing on new innovation on the LFRT/LFT-D. We have already done such turn-key project for some customers. The projects are LFRT compounding system, LFT-D,LFT-G and LFT-D-ILC.


Our Product Advantages:


1. Professional team working with you together

2. High quality twin screw extruders to make sure the stable extrusion

3. Perfect extrusion die head design to ensure the fiber can immerge into the melt and minimize the fiber floatation.

4. Perfect fiber pre-treatment system

5. Effective fast cooling system for the strands

7. Constant pulling machine

8. Good pelletizer to make sure the uniform granule size

9. Good controlling system for the whole line

10. Turkey projects are available here. One staion service for you.




1.0 Raw material dealing system
1.1 GF unreeling system

Platform for GF stacking

Motor drive: 5.5kw,Siemens motor, Siemens inverter

40 pcs of GF spin

Outlets and GF leading rack with magnetic

1.2 GF pre-heating system

Special harden alloy heating roller

Surface fine polishing, angle could be adjusted manually

Each heating roller has a separated controller

Temperature controller is OMRON

Heating power controlled by SSR

K-type stainless steel thermocouple

With operation indicator

1.3 High speed side feeder

Drive: 3kw

Siemens Motor

Siemens inverter

L/D: 6

Barrel material: 45# steel, with bi-metallic linear

Shaft material: 40Cr

Screw element: W6Mo5Cr4V2

Support frame

Movable trolly

2.0 Twin screw extrusion system
2.1 Hopper

Stainless steel made

Volume: 10L

Mounted on the feeding zone of first barrel to connect with the loss-in-weight feeding system which prepared by customer itself

2.2 CHT65-Plus twin screw extruder

Main motor:

AC motor, 132KW;SIEMENS Motor, Siemens inverter


Power transmission:

BIBBY torque limiter from UK., with speed sensor



Zambello Gearbox imported from Italy.

Model: ZT52/65 COR-HT

Nominal diameter: 65mm

Center distance: 52mm

Motor suitable: 132kw

Input rpm: 1500rpm

Output rpm: 600rpm

Lubrication: P4 motor force lubricating system

Cooling: Plate type heat exchanger

Safety factor: 1.66


Extrusion line:

Screw Diameter: 62.4mm,L/D:44:1;

Do/Di: 1.55

Maximum Screw speed:600rpm;

Screw configuration:with modular structure, torque transmission by spline;

S Screw material:W6Mo5Cr4V2,HRC62-64

Barrel configuration: with modular structure, each one with length of 4L/D,and the barrels connected together by bolts and pins;

Barrel material: #45steel, with bi-metal linear inside the barrel. HRC62-64(Here we don’t use double“C” type linear, instead we use a complete linear which is much better then double”C”, no melt will leak from the clearance between the two “C”)


Recommended barrels configuration:


    Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved   Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved
  Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Melt pump Mould


No1 barrel with one feeding port for all possible components,, No.5 with one side feeding port and one venting port,that is blocked if necessary, No.10 with one vacuum port.

Temperature controlling:

Heating system: Cast-copper electric heater, total heating power with approx.48kw (No.1 Section cooled by water);

Cooling system:soft-water cooling system;With pipe-type heat exchanger to give bigger cooling capacity.

Temp. controller:WEST MLC9000 temperature controller

Soft-water cooling system including one 1.1kw water-pump(SIEMENS motor ), stainless steel water-box (with water Temp. gauge), heat exchanger, imported solenoid valves, water pressure indicator etc.

With heater inside the water tank to control the water temperature


Steel base:

Welding base with special pads;

2.3 Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump motor: 4kw; SIEMENS motor

vacuum pots with water inside, indicator;

Vacuum degree: Max.-0.095Mpa

With water circulating tank 300L, S.S made

Heat exchanger and filter inside

Water pump: 0.37kw

2.4 Melt pump

Model: 250CC,

Brand: JC-Times

Drive: 15kw

Siemens motor

Siemens inverter

Gerfran pressure sensor from Italy

3.0 Pelletizing system
3.1 Extrusion mold

Number of holes: 40holes

Cast-copper heater: Appr.28kw, 4 temperature controller zones

Max heating temperature: 350C

The mold is well-sealed, no leakage, no transformation.

Inlet: 40 holes

Outlet: 40holes

3.2 Water bath with chiller

Size: 600x5500mm

Inner water bath: 550x5000mm

Made of stainless steel, with leading rollers

Movable support frame

Please note: Customer should prepare for the industrial chiller or cooling tower

3.3 Pulling machine

Center height: 1000mm

Max. pulling speed: 40m/min

Motor power: 7.5kw,Siemens motor

Frequency inverter: Siemens

3.4 Pelletizer

For granules size:¯3X12mm

Max.pulling speed: 60m/min

Motor power: 11kw,Siemens motor

Frequency inverter: Siemens

Operation box fixed on the pelletizer

3.5 Strand die

No.of hole: 21holes.

Diameter of hole: 4mm

Die material: 40Cr

Cast copper heater: 3.5kw

3.6 Air knife:

Drive: 5.5kw

Siemens motor

Stainless steel made

Double blower

3.7 Pelletizer

Max output: 500kg/hr

No. of strands: 32

Standard pellet: 3x3mm

Cutter dimension: 200x160mm,32 tooth

Effective rotation speed:350-1000rpm

Haul off speed:0-96m/min

Motor power: 5.5kw,Siemens motor

Rotated cutter clearance: 0.08-0.12mm

Leading roller: PU

Frequency inverter: Siemens

3.8 Vibrator

Two layers

Stainless steel made

Motor: 2x0.37kw

Capacity: 400-1200kg/hr

3.9 Air blower and silo

Air blower: 5.5kw

Stainless steel pipe line with clamps connection



Stainless steel made

With sight glass on the side

Support frame

4.0 Electrical controlling system
4.1 Cabinet

Each parts has a separate small control cabinet

Low voltage elements: Siemens

Frequency inverter: Siemens

Temperature controller : WEST MLC9000

Switches: Siemens

Interlock desgin

Extruder interlock with oil pump

Extruder interlock with melt pump

Over pressure alarm

Over load alarm

Cabinet connect with the extruder with plugs(except the main power cables)

Cabinet will be 8m away from the extruder as COWIN standarad

Cabinet designed based on SIEMENS standards,with wide space and good ventilation.

4.2 Siemens PLC and touch screen control

Siemens S7-300 PLC

Siemens TP1500 touch screen

With swing arm support, the touch screen will be installed at the die head place


Dual Screw LFRT Extrusion Machine High Strength CE ISO9001 Approved




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